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Other Teaching Psychology Sites

YouTube Channel for Psychology Videos (including many social psychology videos) - Steven Ross has started an excellent compendium of video clips from movies, TV shows, advertisements, news programs, and other sources. It is well organized in playlists to find video clips in many areas of psychology.

Luvze - (previously Science of Relationships) Ben Le, Gary Lewandowski, Tim Loving, and Marci Gleason have created a website entitled Science of Relationships. It will keep us up to date on research in the field, answer questions submitted to the site, and provide observations on relationships in pop culture and on references in the media. They will even have a "Fact Checker" section that will verify and debunk claims. As they say, it will be their version of Mythbusters, "but without stuff exploding."

GoCognitive Web Project - "The goal of the GoCognitive web project is the creation of an online center for teaching in cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience. We are providing online demonstrations of cognitive and neurological phenomena as well as video content related to research in neuroscience. Many of the demonstrations are downloadable and the content modifiable so that they can be used in small-scale research projects by students."

Teaching Research and Statistics in Psychology - is a new site created by Gary Lewandowski, Natalie Ciarocco, and David Strohmetz. " provides links to online demonstrations, descriptions of class demonstrations, suggestions for class/lab activities, class assignments, lecture materials, and/or student exercises." The site was supported by funding from the APS Teaching Fund, a great place to go to create such resources.

Marianne Miserandino's Personality Pedagogy - an excellent Wiki-based site that presents lots of resources for instructors of personality and related courses -- the Wiki format also allows you to add to the site.

Correlation or Causation? - This page contains a large number of science news headlines that link to the actual popular press articles. Unfortunately, many of the headlines confuse correlation and causation. Some activities/assignments are included on the page which describe how you can use this resource in a variety of courses.


Other Resources

Jon Mueller's Authentic Assessment Toolbox - a how-to text on creating authentic tasks, rubrics and standards for measuring and improving student learning

Assessments of Information Literacy available online

Jon's Book Assessing Critical Skills

We ask students to memorize reams of information that they will rarely if ever use again, but we often fail to teach them the critical skills needed to meet the daily challenges of the 21st century, skills such as information literacy, collaboration, metacognitive reflection, and self-assessment. One reason we have shied away from teaching such skills is that we are unsure how to assess them. Thus, in this text I offer a detailed set of steps and examples, including rubrics, of how to summatively and formatively assess the skills our students need. For K-16 educators.

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